Gucci Belt Bag Outfits to Inspire You

For me, Gucci belt bag is very attractive. You can wear it in all seasons. It has rich colors, the casual style is a must for women. These cute belt bag outfit ideas are fashionable and stylish! No matter you’re wearing maxi dress, mini dress, jumpsuit, blazer it is always perfectly pair with your Gucci belt bag. You can wear as chest bag or waist bag, both styles look amazing! Take a look:

If you’re wearing dress


If you’re wearing skirt


If you’re wearing pants/shorts


If you’re wearing jacket/blazer


If you’re wearing jumpsuit



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How you wear a white T-shirt and make you look fashionable

In the women’s clothing items, it can be said that the T-shirt is the most basic and simple, the most versatile. In a hot summer, if you want to have refresh feeling, T-shirt is the most suitable, and now take a look at the trendy match ideas of these T-shirts.

T-shirt + jeans

When you get a T-shirt, first consider what you want to wear. I believe that many girls first think of jeans, do not need to deliberately concave shape, you can easily match the fashionable effect, to achieve the natural and fashion feel. If you want to make the overall match more attractive, you can try to make a T-shirt knotted or tucked in, that’s really casual and good-looking.

T-shirt + shorts

In the hot summer, how to feel how to wear it, I believe that matching shorts is a good choice, especially high-waist shorts, it will appear more leg length, and you will feel free, refreshing and casual right away. You can also wear a belt, which is very stylish. When you going out, wear a pair of sunglasses. This kind of match is really cool!

T-shirt + skirt

If you use a T-shirt with a more sweet wearing effect, choose a skirt to create a sense of age and small freshness. Each material skirt has a different effect, the leather is cool, and the chiffon is Lightly cooked, the lotus leaf is sweet, all kinds of styles are casually worn, and the whole will become more temperament. I believe that the white T can match the various skirts with perfect results!

Midi long T-shirt single wear

The long white T-shirt is also pretty cool and pretty, especially the OVERSIZE style, the loose and casual feeling, especially suitable for the dull and hot summer, experience the most popular shirt missing pants. Wear a oversize T-shirt as dress and wear a fanny pack , this style have always been the favorite of girls. The simple style looks very fashionable  and also to expose your long legs in this summer atmosphere!

T-shirts + denim overalls

If you want to look younger, you can try T-shirts with bibs, which can create a lively feeling, not only good-looking, but also make you look taller. This match does not seem to be monotonous and dull. So try this style and definitely you will love it.

T-shirt + bike shorts

T-shirt + cycling shorts popular match, how hot is it now? Do you know? This will make you have an athletic style and fashionable. Black tight-fitting shorts, perfectly shape your leg shape, upper and lower narrow wear effect, very suitable for a girl with a good shape. You can tie the T-shirt knot to the waist, this look good too. After all this match is look younger and more energetic!

T-shirt + wide leg pants

T-shirt + wide-leg pants are more comfortable and casual. White shirt can easily matching with different color of wide leg pants; classic or casual look will not go wrong, very youthful, simple wear style. Always look fashionable, with a pair of classic canvas shoes, suitable for shopping and holiday, I think you will like it!



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How To Wear Slip Dress To Make You look More Fabulous?

Do you think slip dress is too sexy? or your body not suitable to wear slip dress? Don’t be worry, 1 piece of slip dress has absolutely many styles of matching that’s definitely will make you look fashionable!


Recent years slip dress tore off the feminine label in the public impression. Inside and outside the fashion show, you can see the different styles of slip dress, can be sweet and slightly sexy 🙂

In the fashion-conscious person’s eye, slip dress may be a sleeping dress. But in the eyes of the trendy fashion icon, slip dress is a styling artifact with a long history.

Wear one piece of slip dress

Silk slip dress is the most classic, with excellent smoothness, softness and delicateness, and has a high quality feel, providing visual and tactile enjoyment. Easily to be a modern and feminine, slay in any occasion.

Besides a silk slip dress, you can also choose to wear wide shoulder strap dress, V-neck, A-line dress and if you think you have a bigger arms, you can choose the ruffles design. These also very beautiful to put on.

Wearing with short sleeve shirt

The simple short sleeve T-shirt matching with slip dress, will bring you different styles. You also can wear with striped shirt or shirt with a logo or slogan.

Wearing with a shirt

Matching with a shirt can release more fashionable possibilities. A simple style look more stylish and full of strong sense of a fashion trend.

Wearing with transparent mesh top


These are my favorite looks. If you want to be more chic, you can try wearing with mesh top. Not too sexy and elegant!



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Christian Dior Book Tote, Which Style Do You Like Most?

What are the styles of Dior Book Tote handbags?

Have you found out that in the last two years, the number of girls carrying DIOR bags has been more than before.

Today, DIOR is hot, and the explosions are endless. For example, the saddle bag that has been around the world has won the good results of It Bag No.1 last year

DIOR Saddle Bag

There is also a popular J’ADIOR flip bag, which is released earlier than the saddle bag, but it is still not losing momentum.


The one that got the most seen at the airport was the DIOR BOOK TOTE handbag. The Book Tote handbag was first seen by everyone, it was on the DIOR 2018 spring and summer ready-to-wear show. At that time, there were three color combinations. The most common one was the oblique print color.


DIOR Book Tote is definitely has a very ethnic at atmosphere, and also full of art reveals an artistic atmosphere.

There are also color embroidery pattern Book Tote handbag.  This style looks cooler and younger.


The low-key and simple checkerboard pattern is an interpretation of the charm of black and white. It is released in the DIOR 2018 spring and summer women’s ready-to-wear show with the oblique print.


The most amazing thing is that in the 2019 early spring ready-to-wear show, DIOR not only continued the classic oblique print color, but also launched the eye-catching ‘toile de Jouny’ pattern Book Tote.


The design and details are perfect, the exterior of the bag is beautiful, with exquisite embossed pattern and lining. The edging is particularly thick, is very durable.

The Book Tote handbag’s oblique print is exquisite in terms of workmanship. It takes 37 working hours and the entire handbag is sewn from 1.5 million needles. ( toile de Jouny printing takes longer). Of course, this is also the perfect representative of DIOR’s exquisite craftsmanship.

The reason why Book Tote handbags are so popular is that they are indispensable for their lightness, large space and practical wear resistance.

As long as you have a trip, when you have a headache for not finding a suitable big bag, the first instinct is to carry a Book Tote handbag. Super-loadable space can easily help you get everything you need every day.

The most special thing is that you can customize your name on your handbag as your personal mark.


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