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Take the casual look to an elevated level

Perfect for visit some friends on Sunday

Balmain logo print t-shirt
Burberry icon stripes shorts
Fendi By The Way mini Boston tote
Burberry TB plaque slide sandals
Balenciaga eyewear square sunglasses

A cute look you can wear on weekend

GCDS cropped logo jumper
GANNI a-line denim midi skirt
Stella McCartney Stella logo circle bag
Golden Goose superstar low-top sneakers
Oscar De La Renta crystal effect star earrings

Cool weekend

Valentino VLOGO intarsia knit jumper
Off-White bleached frayed denim shorts
Valentino small Valentino Garavani supervee crossbody bag
Gucci Phyton glitter Gucci leather sneaker
Moschino crystal embellished logo bracelet

Perfect for a day out with this denim mini skirt

Balmain fitted cardigan
Balmain buttoned denim mini skirt
Givenchy mini Bond tote bag
Stella McCartney Gaia logo strap espadrilles
Rosantica triple heart crystal earrings

Add a little decadence to your everyday

Moschino jewelled Teddy logo sweatshirt
Fendi logo tape cycling shorts
Chloe Woody logo slides
Moschino Frame Teddy Bear backpack

Dress for the airport in style

Gucci floral logo-embroidered hoodie
R13 distressed skinny jeans
Gucci flora print low-top sneakers
Saint Laurent logo plaque quilted crossbody bag

Need to keep a little warm?

Fendi striped ribbed polo shirt
Agolde knee-length frayed shorts
Fendi mini Mon Tresor bucket bag
Paris Texas knee-high crocodile-effect boots
Oscar De La Renta Link beaded earrings

This Gucci style can definitely cheer up your day

Gucci GG Psychedelic print hooded jacket
Gucci GG Psychedelic print shorts
Gucci GG Psychedelic bucket bag
Gucci GG Psychedelic Ace sneakers
Gucci GG Psychedelic baseball hat

5 ways to wear off shoulder tops to make you look sweet and stylish

Although, many people think that the style of clothes in summer are more boring than in the winter. However, there are still some “limited design” items that can only be worn and worn during the summer. What I want to share with you this time is – off shoulder tops. The kind of elegant, fresh, revealing sexy clavicle, really turned you into modern and stylish look. You will not fall behind the trend. Just, how you wear with off shoulder tops?

Pretty shorts show great vitality

I feel shorts is cool and comfortable. If you are tired of wearing a t-shirt and shorts, as long as you change your shirt to a off shoulder tops, you will have a different feeling! This match seems to be a vibrant, lively and energetic sweet girl.

Tight pants exude a sense of style

In addition to shorts, tight pants are another style match. If you choose a short top with high waist pant, it seems that your height immediately increase! There is a mature and capable fashion sense, which is very stylish when you are walking on the streets.

Unbeaten wide pants casual and comfortable

Wide pants not only stylish, self-cultivating, but also very comfortable. Whether you are go for shopping or holiday, you can wear an off shoulder tops and a pair of wide pants to greatly enhance the convenience, you can do whatever you want easily.

Mid-length skirts show gentle femininity

Occasionally, you will have to attend some occasions, perhaps a client company meeting, or at a concert or a friend’s wedding. At this time, you can wear a midi skirt which brings extraordinary temperament.

Mini skirt enhances confident beauty

Sexy, confident look, it is best to wear it for a date and watch a movie. Everyone is wearing them, celebrities included. You can wear with sneakers, and there will be look more stylish!



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How to wear in summer and look charming?

Today, I will bring you a good looking summer outfits for girls. Even if the temperature in summer is getting higher and higher, I believe that it can’t stop the mood of the girls, how to wear in summer and look charming?

Ruffled top + shorts

A very high-profile style, any girl can’t resist the temptation of it. This high waist shorts, cool design is absolutely is your favorite style. Wear with a layered design of the ruffled top, and the waist is outlined as a great figure. This summer wears this style and becomes fashionable!

Off-the-shoulder colorblock dress

Floral dresses always look fascinating, nice little floral patterns, fresh tones, simple patterns are not too complicated, ruffled design, good for women’s temperament, irregular design, the whole shape is more individualized. There is an impulse that people want to have when they look at it. The beauty is beautiful and looks good. It is both temperament and modern. It is suitable for this summer!

Pleated skirt

This summer, I always try a different outfits, such as this pleated skirt, super funky, super fashion feeling, chic in the street, very temperament feel. When you walking down the street, you can easily attract attention. You can wear with sleeveless top or t-shirt and pair with heels or sneakers, both styles look great!

Halter top + skirt

Do you have a college-style feel for this outfits? The top is a halter top with a halter neck, revealing the glamorous shoulders of the sexy, and especially feminine, with a mini skirt, seemingly simple, but the effect of wearing it is really different. This outfits can be charming too. I think nice!

Crop top + shorts

This slim and sexy wear that you are most looking forward to. Choose a short top, crop top design, with a shorts. The high waist shorts is slim and makes you look skinny instantly. If you have thin waist, you will absolutely look sexy and sultry. Other than simple and beautiful, you will look fashionable and stylish too. Is this outfit deeply rooted in your heart?

Double breasted dress

French-style dress, an elegant dress. For me, it is very attractive when worn. It’s so graceful. The classic double-breasted is the most common design in the suit. You will be look slim with it too. For sleeveless design, very old-fashioned, but also enjoy the summer season in the same time, really worth having!

Backless dress 

This fluffy little dress really loves the bottom of my heart, and the dress is essential in the summer wardrobe. This sexy and bold backless design, I believe you will not refuse, it’s brings you beautiful and sexy look. Some girls will think this too sexy for them, but this dress is very stylish and never get out of date. This is a skirt that you dreamed of in summer?



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How you wear a white T-shirt and make you look fashionable

In the women’s clothing items, it can be said that the T-shirt is the most basic and simple, the most versatile. In a hot summer, if you want to have refresh feeling, T-shirt is the most suitable, and now take a look at the trendy match ideas of these T-shirts.

T-shirt + jeans

When you get a T-shirt, first consider what you want to wear. I believe that many girls first think of jeans, do not need to deliberately concave shape, you can easily match the fashionable effect, to achieve the natural and fashion feel. If you want to make the overall match more attractive, you can try to make a T-shirt knotted or tucked in, that’s really casual and good-looking.

T-shirt + shorts

In the hot summer, how to feel how to wear it, I believe that matching shorts is a good choice, especially high-waist shorts, it will appear more leg length, and you will feel free, refreshing and casual right away. You can also wear a belt, which is very stylish. When you going out, wear a pair of sunglasses. This kind of match is really cool!

T-shirt + skirt

If you use a T-shirt with a more sweet wearing effect, choose a skirt to create a sense of age and small freshness. Each material skirt has a different effect, the leather is cool, and the chiffon is Lightly cooked, the lotus leaf is sweet, all kinds of styles are casually worn, and the whole will become more temperament. I believe that the white T can match the various skirts with perfect results!

Midi long T-shirt single wear

The long white T-shirt is also pretty cool and pretty, especially the OVERSIZE style, the loose and casual feeling, especially suitable for the dull and hot summer, experience the most popular shirt missing pants. Wear a oversize T-shirt as dress and wear a fanny pack , this style have always been the favorite of girls. The simple style looks very fashionable  and also to expose your long legs in this summer atmosphere!

T-shirts + denim overalls

If you want to look younger, you can try T-shirts with bibs, which can create a lively feeling, not only good-looking, but also make you look taller. This match does not seem to be monotonous and dull. So try this style and definitely you will love it.

T-shirt + bike shorts

T-shirt + cycling shorts popular match, how hot is it now? Do you know? This will make you have an athletic style and fashionable. Black tight-fitting shorts, perfectly shape your leg shape, upper and lower narrow wear effect, very suitable for a girl with a good shape. You can tie the T-shirt knot to the waist, this look good too. After all this match is look younger and more energetic!

T-shirt + wide leg pants

T-shirt + wide-leg pants are more comfortable and casual. White shirt can easily matching with different color of wide leg pants; classic or casual look will not go wrong, very youthful, simple wear style. Always look fashionable, with a pair of classic canvas shoes, suitable for shopping and holiday, I think you will like it!



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)