4 fashionable turtleneck sweater, stylish and keep you warm

The warmth that sweaters can bring to people is irreplaceable by other items. We must have a turtleneck sweater in the autumn and winter season. Whether it’s going to work everyday or going out for a date, you can wear it all at the street. Anyway, in the autumn or winter, the turtleneck sweaters of various styles will not be absent, because the sweater is temperamental, let’s take a look at these sweater!

Solid color turtleneck sweater

A classic design, even after 10 years, it’s still very good to wear. Everyone like it at a glance. The length of the high collar is just folded to create the feeling of an intellectual woman. The solid color of the sweater makes you want what style is very fine, you can match with jeans or skirt. Any of this style, is very stylish.

Turtleneck sweater dress

The high collar and dress design is elegant and generous. If you are not too cold, you can wear it directly. But if you feel cold, you wear it with a long boot.

Colorful turtleneck sweater

The most popular color, it must be multicolored! The colorful outfit, which is a bright colors are not exaggerated. But the sense of fashion is really strong. Very expressive of self-style.

Floral turtleneck sweater

Solid color sweaters are more common, but the flower pattern has to be deeply attracted. Just like the spring’s flower blooming, the color is eye-catching but not exaggerated. The floral pattern design is give you a high fashion style.

(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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