Dior Saddle Bag You Will Love To Have It In Your Closet

Occasionally, you will caught this bag on the street. It called saddle bag. Is a very elegant and stylish saddle bag. Besides the oblique canvas, Dior also released calfskin version. The shape design makes it look special, design inspiration comes from the real saddle. It loved by countless celebrities, also is a fashion artifact for fashion bloggers.

This bag only come with short shoulder strap. You can carry with hand or on your shoulder. They have the embroidered wide canvas straps , sold separately. This allow the bag to be carried in different ways.

Saddle bag has two sizes. Big size is 25.5x20x6.5cm and small size is 21x18x5cm.

The Oblique saddle bag is the most popular in the past two years. It different from previous versions, fashionable and maintained a retro sense of time.

The biggest highlight is the gold-tone metal decoration on the bag. Not only the initial letter D is hang on the cover, the “C” and “D” is also connected to the body and handle. Very refined.

Dior saddle bag streetstyle outfit

Which saddle bag is your favorite?

(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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