5 ways to wear off shoulder tops to make you look sweet and stylish

Although, many people think that the style of clothes in summer are more boring than in the winter. However, there are still some “limited design” items that can only be worn and worn during the summer. What I want to share with you this time is – off shoulder tops. The kind of elegant, fresh, revealing sexy clavicle, really turned you into modern and stylish look. You will not fall behind the trend. Just, how you wear with off shoulder tops?

Pretty shorts show great vitality

I feel shorts is cool and comfortable. If you are tired of wearing a t-shirt and shorts, as long as you change your shirt to a off shoulder tops, you will have a different feeling! This match seems to be a vibrant, lively and energetic sweet girl.

Tight pants exude a sense of style

In addition to shorts, tight pants are another style match. If you choose a short top with high waist pant, it seems that your height immediately increase! There is a mature and capable fashion sense, which is very stylish when you are walking on the streets.

Unbeaten wide pants casual and comfortable

Wide pants not only stylish, self-cultivating, but also very comfortable. Whether you are go for shopping or holiday, you can wear an off shoulder tops and a pair of wide pants to greatly enhance the convenience, you can do whatever you want easily.

Mid-length skirts show gentle femininity

Occasionally, you will have to attend some occasions, perhaps a client company meeting, or at a concert or a friend’s wedding. At this time, you can wear a midi skirt which brings extraordinary temperament.

Mini skirt enhances confident beauty

Sexy, confident look, it is best to wear it for a date and watch a movie. Everyone is wearing them, celebrities included. You can wear with sneakers, and there will be look more stylish!



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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