8 ways to style your white tee

The white T-shirt looks unremarkable, but its versatility has to be recognized. A simple solid white color T-shirt can also be used with a variety of styles of fashion. Have to say, a white solid color T-shirt is a must-have for people to feel clean and comfortable. Don’t underestimate the role of white tee, if you match correctly, it can make your appearance more stylish.

White T-shirt + jeans

The most classic pairing is white T with jeans, classic and durable, simple and generous. When you walk on the street, most of girls wearing white T-shirts with jeans, this kind of match is clean and neat. Tight pants let you show more leg lines. You can tuck your shirt into the pants, this look more fashionable!

White t-shirt + overalls

When you wear T-shirt and overalls, you will absolutely look cute and younger, even if the T-shirt is simple, but with the overalls, this is really fashionable and beautiful, many young girls love to wear it. Is there a feeling of returning to the age of 18?

White T-shirt + midi skirt

The most casual wear, but it does not feel dragged or mismatched, plus the simple of any pattern of decoration, will give you impression of a generous. I believe everyone is no opinion with this match. There are more than a few pieces in each girl’s wardrobe!

White T-shirt + wide leg pants

Personally wear clothes for comfort, all white T-shirts with wide-leg pants, really everyone’s favorite. With a combination of rich color wide pants like orange or yellow and floral print or stripes pattern, this design will let people shine in front of their eyes. And the wide-leg pants make you look taller!

White T-shirt + black leather pants

In addition to wide-leg pants, black leather pants with a white T-shirt is also a beautiful style. You also can wear a blazer, it is really look cool!

Oversized white t-shirt

If you want to show your beautiful legs, you can try this style. Only wear a oversized white tee with a sneaker, effortlessly fashionable!

White T-shirt + shorts 

Shorts are one of the most popular items in the summer. Of course, the matching with white T-shirts is as high as 100%. It is not only fashionable and easy to match. High-waist shorts, not only showing your beautiful legs, but it’s casual stylish!

White T-shirt + slip dress

If you think your slip dress is too sexy, you can wear it with a white T-shirt. This match is a different sense of style and also can enhances your elegance.



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)


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