Elegant and vintage outfits you should try

No matter what style of fashion is popular, every year, one type of style is especially popular, and that is retro style. Today I am going to introduce you to some elegant and retro outfits, and most of girls are wearing them.

Midi polka dot skirt

This tops with a polka-dot skirt is full of rich retro flavor, especially suitable for girls who like retro style.

Mermaid skirt

When you wearing retro style mermaid skirt, as you returning to the 1990s in an instant. It’s not as monotonous as an ordinary skirt, it’s adopted the design of the fishtail, and it’s like a mermaid walking on the street. This outfits really give you back in time feel, very retro.

Red striped maxi dress

The contrast of red and white makes the striped dress no longer monotonous. Usually, everyone has seen the black and white stripes, and I’ve been tired of it. This red and white striped dress brought you back to the 50s.

Red polka dot dress

This red vintage polka dot dress is full of summer feel. Red retro polka dot dress is more lively than red stripes.

Light yellow plaid dress

The yellow plaid  dress takes this year’s particularly popular plaid retro design, plus the warm colors of light yellow, blending into a retro, cute and warm dress. This gentle retro light yellow plaid dress is perfect for picnics and outings.

Ruffles sleeve square collar black dress

The ruffles sleeve square collar black dress adopts a more lovely retro design, which makes this retro little black dress full of girls’ hearts.

Green plaid dress with collar

This dress brings you a Summer flavor with rich avocado. Also, can make you feel the joy of summer flowers in full bloom. This simple dress with sunglasses are a perfect match.

Embroidered high waist mini dress

This high waist dress gives people a fresh feel, the overall feeling is gentle and charming.  Especially suitable for dating.



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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