7 Summer Eye-catching Streetwear to Copy Now

In fact, it is really hard to say what is the most popular style. After all, the popular elements have been changing. Of course, there are some classic models that are eternal, but the matching method will be different every quarter. Competing to follow the trend, then this type of wear must be the most popular.

Just like the European streetwear styles in summer, most fashion people wear short tops and high waists pants. This combination is to show you has long legs.

It can be seen that the single color short top is perfectly matching with high waist jeans. It is indeed a combination of showing you has long legs.

Especially the high-waist pants with vertical stripes, and then with the crop top, this will brings you to have a 42 inch of legs!

Of course, there is also an another way to show your thin and tall body, which is a pencil trousers. If you match a high waist trouser and a short top, will this be very stylish.

High-waist shorts are also make you look tall. Of course, as long as your thighs are not too big, wear with a short top, this match will absolutely show your sexy body.

The high-waist skirt with short top is also a good match. You don’t have to worry about thick legs and ugly leg shape.

There is also a split skirt. Simply wearing with a short top, and walking down to the street, your every movement is full of sexy feminine femininity.

High-waist wide-leg pants are also a good way to cover your fat legs. You can wear whatever style you want to with your mood.



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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