Girls Are Less Than 160cm, Please Give Up 3 Kinds Of Clothes

Clothes must be well-dressed, first of all, it is natural to suit yourself. Suitable clothes for you can help you avoid weaknesses, whether it is the skin color, fat or skinny, the right one is always the best. It is also to improve temperament, you can see yourself differently.

When many girls are wearing clothes, it is easy to ignore one point, that is their height. But they should have to avoid this, some clothes are make them look short! You are not tall enough (<160cm), it’s really bad to wear, I suggest you throw it away.

Girls, if you are less than 160cm, please give up 3 kinds of clothes:

Long shirt


Many girls like to wear long shirt, paired with shorts and long jeans. However, the length for these long shirt, for a shorter girls, really a disaster! Not only revealing the fact that you are short, but also make you look shorter!

Harem pants


Hip-hop style trousers are not suitable for girls who are not tall enough. Low-lying and extraordinary loose design, that will make your legs look really short.

Knee length / Mid-calf / Midi Skirt


Skirt is every girl’s favorite. But if your height is less than 160cm, when choosing a skirt, you must know the length of the skirt. For knee length, mid-calf and midi skirt, you better to avoid them. Because it’s easy to divide your body size for 50%. Best selection for skirt is either mini skirt (above the knee) or maxi skirt. These two lengths are perfect for you who are not tall enough.



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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