Which Is Your Favorite Color To Wear In Summer?

Do you know that a piece of clothing is worn on the body, what do people see at first sight? Style? Texture? Brand? …all are not. What others see at first sight is the color! Especially in summer, if the colors are chosen correctly, the color and feeling are completely different!

Today, I recommend the following colors and color matching techniques, which will definitely make you fashionable and effortless! 🙂


Blue, the general understanding of it is mysterious, melancholy. In fact, it is also a very refreshing color. Just look at the big blue sky, I feel refreshed. Do you feel the same? The fresh sky blue symbolizes peace, beauty and freedom.

Which Is Your Favorite Color To Wear In Summer?

For summer, blue is easy to match. Not only varied and also youthful. Almost every girl’s wardrobe will have several blue color outfits. Blue with different brightness will bring different feeling. Dark blue is sturdy and steady, light blue is bright and lively. Even for older women, wearing a light blue shirt, also exudes a subtle sense of youth.


Pink is also a favorite color for thousands of girls. Soft pink, gentle pink, retro pink…..This year’s popular pinks make people feel love at a glance. I can’t help and want to wear it.

Wrap skirts are an indispensable piece of the season. The pink wrap dress makes me feel sexy and sweet style.


When you have go to work, pink suit and black heels also a good choice. Presenting a high fashion style with a glamorous and elegant temperament.



Only a touch of bright color can ignite summer enthusiasm, just like a bright yellow. Your mood is lit up immediately when you wearing yellow!


If you’re wearing a yellow floral dress, it is easy to stand out in the crowd. Yellow also can make your skin looks brighter 🙂

Of course, refreshing and comfortable wear is preferred in Summer all the time!



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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