How To Choose The Floral Dress That Suits You?

I believe that many girls have been confused about how to choose their own floral prints dress especially for who has a yellowish skin color or darker skin. How to choose the right one?

How To Choose The Floral Skirt That Suits You?

Background color

The high saturation of the background color gives a strong and bright contrast, the enthusiasm is like the fire. The lightness of the background is the overall look of the gentle and refreshing.

Look at the print size

Broken prints are young and playful, and large prints are more mature and elegant! The sparse flowers give a fresh and elegant temperament, the more dense the flowers, the gorgeous and cumbersome!

Girls with darker skin

People with darker skin tone are suitable for some light-colored, brighter clothes, such as light yellow, light pink, beige and other colors, making you look more personalized. Your temperament can be absolutely extraordinary!

Design of the dress

Many design styles endless in this year, such as hollow styles, cross straps, wraps and embroidered are good choices. The design sense adds a vitality to the whole floral prints series, and the upper body is also shows very elegance.

Yes, the color of the base and the print is very particular. For example: the pink color with the white print, part of it can dissolve the flowers cumbersome and part of it can enhance the sense of quality! If you like simple, you can choose a white chiffon print skirt, which is looks cool and slim.



(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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