Christian Dior Book Tote, Which Style Do You Like Most?

What are the styles of Dior Book Tote handbags?

Have you found out that in the last two years, the number of girls carrying DIOR bags has been more than before.

Today, DIOR is hot, and the explosions are endless. For example, the saddle bag that has been around the world has won the good results of It Bag No.1 last year

DIOR Saddle Bag

There is also a popular J’ADIOR flip bag, which is released earlier than the saddle bag, but it is still not losing momentum.


The one that got the most seen at the airport was the DIOR BOOK TOTE handbag. The Book Tote handbag was first seen by everyone, it was on the DIOR 2018 spring and summer ready-to-wear show. At that time, there were three color combinations. The most common one was the oblique print color.


DIOR Book Tote is definitely has a very ethnic at atmosphere, and also full of art reveals an artistic atmosphere.

There are also color embroidery pattern Book Tote handbag.  This style looks cooler and younger.


The low-key and simple checkerboard pattern is an interpretation of the charm of black and white. It is released in the DIOR 2018 spring and summer women’s ready-to-wear show with the oblique print.


The most amazing thing is that in the 2019 early spring ready-to-wear show, DIOR not only continued the classic oblique print color, but also launched the eye-catching ‘toile de Jouny’ pattern Book Tote.


The design and details are perfect, the exterior of the bag is beautiful, with exquisite embossed pattern and lining. The edging is particularly thick, is very durable.

The Book Tote handbag’s oblique print is exquisite in terms of workmanship. It takes 37 working hours and the entire handbag is sewn from 1.5 million needles. ( toile de Jouny printing takes longer). Of course, this is also the perfect representative of DIOR’s exquisite craftsmanship.

The reason why Book Tote handbags are so popular is that they are indispensable for their lightness, large space and practical wear resistance.

As long as you have a trip, when you have a headache for not finding a suitable big bag, the first instinct is to carry a Book Tote handbag. Super-loadable space can easily help you get everything you need every day.

The most special thing is that you can customize your name on your handbag as your personal mark.


(Images are from the internet and are copyrighted by the original author.)

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